Our History


Tsunami Solutions Ltd. was founded in Vancouver, BC, Canada in 1999, for the purpose of creating innovative technology solutions to real-world problems. Born from one customer’s need to effectively monitor the safety of their large staff of remote workers, Tsunami designed its signature SafetyLine product to meet this demand. SafetyLine then paved the way for an entire industry to grow around this need.

While innovating in technology, Tsunami has taken a more traditional approach to building a successful and sustainable business. From our start as a family business, we have continued to embrace the value of family in how we operate. As a privately held organization, Tsunami has been profitable for over 15 years, and has shown a steady annual growth rate.

From a technical partnership standpoint, Tsunami has been able to work closely with leading device and technology partners in order to integrate devices and services to better improve the quality and functionality of the service that customers expect. Tsunami is very proud of its record of successful partnerships with technical partners and business partners alike.

Our history serves as the solid foundation on which future growth will stand. Tsunami’s signature product remains the SafetyLine service; but the team at Tsunami has an eye towards growth; to leverage the core technologies and skills that make SafetyLine possible in order to create and market new product opportunities such as Hibou and Scatterling.

Tsunami is a healthy company with a track record that speaks for itself. Tsunami carries all appropriate insurances and registrations and has met multiple criteria as a vendor of choice to Government organizations, at the Municipal, Provincial and Federal level. Tsunami supplies to many different customers in many varying sectors demanding high standards and Tsunami will continue to be adaptive, relevant, and innovative as a leader in mobile monitoring technology.




 Our Products



As a complete safety network, workers can check-in using a variety of devices, and if they need help, SafetyLine alerts the people best equipped to respond - the people they work with.

SafetyLine currently services and monitors over 30,000 workers every day in Canada, the USA, and internationally. It provides a suitable solution for both private and public organizations, and today SafetyLine supports hundreds of contracts to monitor all scales of organizations, from small 5-user systems, up to large enterprise deployments with thousands of workers.



Unlike traditional personal emergency response systems, Hibou is designed for living life to its fullest while enhancing relationships with loved ones. Using Hibou, active adults will see an increase in participation in the activities they have always loved, and family will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing their loved one is safe and connected.



Scatterling is a cloud-based worker safety management tool for monitoring the everyday safety of your workers in the USA. When every second matters, Scatterling is an automated system available 24/7 on your connected devices, with features such as missed check-in alarms, panic button integration, Man Down Detection, and the benefit that workers can get help even when they can’t call for help themselves. No matter your organization and workforce size, Scatterling is ready to protect your people.




 Our Team


As founder, Thomas Touhey has been with Tsunami since its inception in 1999 and is still actively part of our senior management team. His goal was to create a complete safety network using an organizations' existing equipment.

Because of his ambition, many thousands of people now check-in, monitor, locate, and respond, from any device, anywhere, at any time.


Gabriel Caldwell joined Tsunami in 2001 and has been shaping Tsunami’s technology strategy as Chief Technology Officer since 2009. Gabriel focuses on developing and deploying new technologies to enable customers and support operations.


Heather works with union leaders, industry representatives, governing bodies, government lobbyists, and occupational health and safety specialists to ensure the ongoing safety of all lone-workers. Her goal is to raise awareness to the risks of working alone in Canada, US and around the world.


Kyle Touhey has been with Tsunami since 2004 and is currently the Chief Product Officer. His focus is understanding the services we offer and the needs of our customers and our markets, ranging from feature needs to financial considerations.


from our President

As President of Tsunami, I am excited to be a part of an innovative team who work hard and smart to connect people with their friends and families every day. I am proud that we offer trusted safety solutions keeping people safe regardless of what they are doing, where they are, what equipment is available, and at any time of day.

The best part of my day is interacting with our employees who are empowered to continuously improve our offerings and improve our customer’s productivity and safety. Their commitment inspires me to keep up with current technology and adopt new systems. My favorite sayings are:

“Find your passion and do it!”

“Nothing is impossible!”

“Time flies like an arrow; Fruit flies like a banana”

Over the past 20+ years, Tsunami has established itself as a solid, profitable and growing business. I strive to live a balanced life and also provide a work environment that is balanced, fun, and challenging. This work environment will continue to nurture a very stable, profitable, and growing business in multiple geographic locations and sectors across North America and beyond.

- Thomas Touhey